Networking and Marketing

Recently I opened an email promoting Magnetic Sponsoring. Doing what I do on most offers and programs, I Googled it. I came across an email article that said the whole program boils down to promote making a hole when you want to sell a drill. You’ll sell more drills by showing how to make a hole than by attempting to sell a drill.

It is so close to what has been under my nose for the last few years. but it makes a lot of sense. Now to put it to use.

Well, it has been at least six weeks since I wrote the first two pragraphs of this post and over two months since I did the first page. My idea of applying some of the information that I’v spent a lot of time reading has taken a long time.

In the mean time I am fighting just to keep my ability to have cable access. Yes, I take too much time studying, reading and the like.
And right now my son wants on the computer. Since it may be off shortly, I’m going to let him have it until I can get the bill paid tomorrow.


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