Are You As Lost Online As I Am?

What started out as a way to make money from home has turned into a confusing enterprise. I have taken a few side steps searching for an actual job as well. By the middle of May I had spent over two months looking at online copy writing, MLM programs, purchased merchandise programs for my general store and trying to figure out some marketing that could be done through social programs. (not understanding them and still don’t really) Then along came Jeremy Palmer’s Black Ink program on Affiliate site building.

Amongst all of this my phone service went out, my son has been with me and at various times I have had jobs that are making me some money. Then on top of this I have one order that I am having trouble getting shipped. There has been a lot I’ve had my mind wrapped around the past month. I have narrowed down the people I am following at this time.

I like Alyce Seba’s Internet Sweetie Blog and am trying some of Jeremy Palmer’s techniques to get another site up. I signed up on Mike Dillard’s Magnetc Sponsoring community, Facebook and Twitter. And I’m still posting a page or two each week on

For today this is my online contribution.


One thought on “Are You As Lost Online As I Am?

  1. Like your post. And I’m guessing an awful lot of folks are as lost as you are. But I’m glad to see you’ve joined the MS community. I guarantee you won’t be lost for long!

    And if you’re not sure how to work with MS, check out the “Insider Report” I put together. I even persuaded several of the heavy hitters to reveal their very own ‘secret of magnetic sponsoring’. You can get your free copy at


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