Satellites and bank problems

I probably should not have gotten up and checked my checking account first thing this morning. They charged me another $35 service charge from the overdraft that they refunded from my free credit report. Now I’m up to $70 in fees on something I have not received, miss ordered and through the result of excessive banking practices.

My small world of the banking mess. Yes I got into it big time. In 2002 I received a mortgage two days before the IRS hit me with a levy. By 2007 I had refinanced the house and then the bank took it over, kind of. (they have never transfered title now the county owns the house, again kind of) and lets see I lost my car during that period of time, went bankrupt and have lived on very minimal income for the past four years.

If you have not figured this out, this is my morning bitch blog. So now the one bank account I have been able to keep is going to be charging me $35 every week until I can pay them up. And believe me from the past experiences from their credit collection agencies, they can get nasty. Since letting another account go the same way I doubt that I’ll be able to open another account easily.

This puts me onto the new forms of discrimination as I am out looking for work. So many employers do credit and background checks that scan and push out a lot of prospects because they have had credit and or problems with courts. Sure we’ll hire you if you are this or that. But still look at the unemployment numbers.

When I went into get  my food card a few months ago I went in with a neighbor on a cane, I was limping per usual and we both noticed that about 20% of the adults had canes. The next day listening to an unemployment  report it stated that college educated whites were twice as likely to be unemployed as a few years back. they stood at 4%, the highest unemployment rate was among the disabled at 13%!

Ok, enough of my bitching about my life. Another thing on my mind yesterday came across the screen as one of Yahoo’s most emailed pictures.

All the junk and satellites orbiting earth
All the junk and satellites orbiting earth

It’s a computer generated view of the earth with all of the (17,000 to 18,000) pieces of material orbiting it. Many of them satellites and much of it small pieces of junk. So much of our communication bounces off of this stuff that we would seem to be lost without our satellite communications. The view shown makes one wonder how we even launch a missile. And what if a good sized comet blew this whole ring off course and into more collisions.

That’s it for my beefs this morning if you want to see my more positive ventures visit at my home site


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