Electric cars, Alternative Energy & Transportation

Who is Shai Agassi? According to a January 19,2009 Newsweek article, he’s the person that is setting up electric car battery changing stations in Israel and Denmark. He is also proposing that the same be done in the United States.

His theory is that cars can be sold without batteries and changed at stations as quickly as gas. This sounds like a good idea to someone like myself that thinks we need a major shift in our transportation practices.

Another thing that jumped out at me this week is that Ann Arbor is spending $100000 per parking space to build an underground parking garage. One of the council members stated that they had approved more spaces than the 450 that are being built. One reason that she gave for not approving money for more, is that they hope for more people to use public transportation.

Between purchasing more energy efficient cars and using more public transportation, yes we can reduce some of our pollution.

But in these times there are also reports and from what I see actual reductions in peoples concern for implementing eco resources. We are really concerned about not spending, saving and getting everything we can out the dollars we have. Yet in the long run we have wasted thirty years not investing in solar, wind and electric resources that would have put us further ahead if we had.

On our own, can we and are we willing to invest in what can be done by ourselves? It makes a certain amount of sense to at least become more familiar with what is available for our own spaces. Some of the information here will show how you can save by doing a wind or solar project yourself. Earth 4 Energy, Free Energy Options and Power 4 Home. Start your own library for the future today.


One thought on “Electric cars, Alternative Energy & Transportation

  1. It seems the only people running the numbers on the electric car are those who plan to profit from it. We need an impartial assessment. The private auto is extremely wasteful. There is no evidence that a change of fuel will change that. There are worldwide 55 million net new cars on the road every year. When electric they will more than absorb any gains in wind and solar and will essentially increase the use of coal and natural gas. If you want to save valuable money and resources, then reduce the wasteful private auto by replacing it with fare-free buses and trams.

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