Exploring Again

The people walking by the booth I have set up in Russell Bazaar is allowing me do a lot of people watching but it is not generating any income. My being as broke as I am that is not going to allow me to sign up for a spot next weekend.

But there are so many interesting people. There is an art fair going on in the parking lot and I think that that has a lot to do with the young crowd milling around. Then on Sunday morning and earl afternoon there seemed to be a lot of people stopping by after church.

So why am I here? 1. To see if I could move some of the furniture I have made. 2. To see if I can generate some leads for drop shipping products. 3. To see if it is a viable way to generate and support local traffic.

It’s been nice being around people for the weekend, but most of the people I’ve talked to have been vendors. It does not look like a lot of them are making a lot of money. Although there are some making a lot more than others. The ones doing promotions and selling through other venues seem to be doing better than others.

The one big advantage is that I have internet access here.

Now the question after I sold a $20 item is do I stick around for next weekend?


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