Coke verses Pepsi

I was reading the Wall Street Journal tonight (after a train trip to Ann Arbor where I met cousin Walt in the blood clinic office, he has brain cancer and had a second operation 3 days ago, starts cemo Monday, whispered something about his dad had said “x@ if they can’t take a joke”, exchanged phone numbers and left).

Coke verses Pepsi in the getting of customers, but this is decades old. See how they do it. Sales are decreasing but Diet Coke overtook Diet Pepsi this year. Coke on one hand is marketing with solid five year products like American Idol. Pepsi wants in with X Factor, but I think its main focus is on the Refresh Project, and a change in marketing. We’ll see in the next few years…

What he could do was to get the American people to donate to every charity that could help in Japan right now. That’s what President Obama could do, so he’s going to Brazil now for five days to get some export trade, he’s got to keep the people working that did the roads!…

I had a lawyer tell me five years ago that he would never have gone into law if he was doing it now. I also remember a student telling me he spent god knows how much money getting his daughter a law degree and her getting a job for 32K a year, and a son that never went to school getting one for 55K per year doing software programing. Kids are wising up…


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