Proposal 1 … win or lose is still a win …

So Proposal 1 is due to fail. At least that is the take I have on it. There is no other plan so expect a few years to come up with one. In the meantime New York has a 42 cent tax on gas, we have 19 cents. With Proposal 1 we would go down to about 13 cents and increase the wholesale tax on gas.
This is a complicated proposal that seems to take in some of the concerns that modern transit is taking. Cars are getting a lot more fuel efficient and some are even skipping gas altogether. For reasons like this another form of paying for roads is necessary. Taking a major portion of a 1% sales tax makes sense.
I might not understand all of the features in this proposal but it seems to give us more money for roads. Yes it might mean $500 plus for 60% of the families and it might increase the number from 20% to 40% that will not be paying, but money is going to come from somewhere. For the population making 30 to 56K the cost would be $180 to $275. I do have friends that would be paying $13,000 but they are not in the normal range of people that make a living.
There is something about change that scares people. This is a change that is coming but how we deal with it might have some unexpected consequences. I would expect some corporation will come in in 5 to 10 years and purchase rights to roadways. Toll roads will be common. Other providers will provide taxi, bus and other services to get around roads. Travel will cost more to get were you want to go. Roads will be repaired but brides will close.
It is the idea that there there is no money, but we must keep our roads.
If we do not do something that will change the means of road construction that relates to the modern world others will (and have) take(n) over. Michigan is one of the first states to propose something of the nature of Proposal 1 and I think that is why it is so scary.
Why do I hope that this Proposal fails? Because I think it might be the opportunity to put in a system of transportation that will make money and get people where they need to go. Lets go back in time and all we needed were our legs to get anywhere. Most likely that was limited but it could also be far (2000 to ? miles). The tale goes on until we can travel massive distances in our lifetime. We like going places and we will continue to do so. If we walk or ride a bike we might go three miles. If we drive a car we might go 30 miles. If we hop on a train or plane we might go 500 miles. Mostly we go 30 miles or less.
The places we go in 30 miles or less is confined by location. If there are mountains the 30 mile route might be limited to 3 locations if there are no mountains it might be 5 plus locations. There are many possibilities for an enterprise to provide such a service. Other than military applications there is little incentive for government  to provide transportation services. In fact the main objective of the highway system was movement of large cargo related to military.
Lets see if the 43% of federal taxes can support the highway system and allow private ventures, see if they can run a transportation system that works. Suppose that truckers paid a fee to the Highway system and cars that ran on it also paid a hefty fee. State roads were also fee rated. Local roads were fee rated and some of them not. These that were not were locally taxed.
If there was no Proposal 1 vote in the approval I suspect that within 2 to 10 years something like this might be a reality.
I would welcome something of this nature. I would welcome firms that took on getting people around. I would welcome the government sustaining roads that moved goods and welcomed people paying to drive them.
Do we want to support some of the prospects with public dollars?…vote for Proposal 1…it will be a start…you will have the opportunity to fund or not to fund…it might be interesting. Yes a certain amount will go to public transit (that might be rail, bus or pod car), yes a certain amount will go to education and a certain amount will go to locals to support a variety of efforts.
Heck I think it makes sense. It makes  a lot more sense than paying 23 to 42%, we might pay about 20% to 25% and we will have the option of control This is better than the 42% that New York pays…it is about what Ohio pays, just a new form of the roadway taxes, making them more equal.
Proposal 1 means more money for roads, yes it means less money from poorer people but they are not getting anything near what the 1% is. They are not getting thing near what the 10% does, and they are getting a lot less than the middle 30 to 65K dose.
I don’t care if you vote for or against Proposal 1. I will still make money on your vote. If you vote to approve Proposal 1 I think I’ll see funding for rail studies as well as road improvements. I think I’ll see private investors involved in rail as well as bus ventures. If you vote it down I think I’ll see a lot of private investors interested in roads. And I think I’ll see a few investors  interested in other means of transit. It might be a little more or a little less to travel!
Vote to keep a public means of traveling. This seems to be a way of doing it (Proposal 1).
“… you have paid $4.00 to the state, but not even half
is going to get better roads for your
traveling pleasure.”


It’s time for a change-Detroit transit

Last Tuesday I had a chat with Marie Donigan, Megan Owens and Sean Mann on transportation hosted by The Detroit Free Press. Earlier I had read in the same paper an article that had said “Also at risk is the project to build light rail along Woodward because, Bing said, $100 million in federal transportation funds would be lost if the city can’t even provide decent bus services.” I’m wondering what the status of light rail coming to Woodward really is and so are some others.

Three articles published that week also sited possible delays and indecision by people connected to the project. The Free Press published an opinion the next day saying “Obstacles ahead…”. The South End, Wayne State’s paper published an article saying “Woodward Light Rail faces tough questions”. Finally on Thursday Crain’s published an article saying “Private money on the line: Woodward rail donors wait for layout they like”.

This week Dan Gilbert said “There’s almost nothing you can do better for an urban core than curbside light rail”. Yet most planners see curbside rail as a hinderance to bike riders. There might have to a modified system.

And thinking about a modified system I have to say that my preference to the woes of Detroit area transit come down to a combination of bus rapid transit and a personal rapid transit system. First off I don’t think the Woodward light rail line running to 8 Mile will do much for the city. There are not a lot of people in the 1/2 mile right of way along the line. A better route would be to do a personal rapid transit line that ran less than a 1/2 away, right by some of the positions that have said they would support light rail but are no where near it.

Ithaca, NY did a plan for a PRT system of 11.5 miles (5.75 miles of two way track) that would cost about 185 million. Our rial line will cost in excess of 550 million for 9.5 miles. Is it not time to consider another alternative?

Part of the problem is showing it to people. How do I do that? Well the best way is a video. So I did one. Take 6 minuets of your time and watch the personal rapid transit route I suggest for Detroit.

This route incorporates several needy areas along with several upscale areas and feeds into shopping and entertainment districts as well as job locations.

On a related note I also think PRT is a solution that could work for the Ann Arbor to Detroit route. During the past few years planners have proposed a train between the two cities. What is not outlined very clearly is how to get to the airport. Using one train route does not go by the airport so busses would have to be deployed. Doing a PRT along several train routes and through Canton would rectify this problem and provide rapid transit that could be used by a variety of people.

The map has other routes shown, but concentrating dollars on the Ann Arbor to Detroit route and the mid city and downtown routes would be a place that I would like to start.

The year in review

First off I’ll say that this is my starting page for my years activities (since 5/19/2010) and before.
This will be a record of some of the things on my mind.
Since I’ve not put them together in an organized way, they will be jumbled up.
This is my way of spending a day resting my knee.

So let’s start:
I created this on 10/27/10 by copying it from a web site

Four area’s of practice?

(a) integrated transport solutions;
(b) climate change, air quality and public health;
(c) land use; and
(d) policy, financing, and capacity building

• Integrated Transport Solutions
• Air Quality and Climate Change
• Road Safety and Public Health
• Land Use and Urban Design

Integrated Transport Solutions
Climate Change Air Quality Public Health
Land Use
policy, financing, and capacity building
Road Safety and Urban Design

It changed over time.

On 12/4/2010 I created this entry:
My mind was and is on a transportation solution for the United States.

In the debate over Dual Mode transportation systems and Single Mode I propose a system that accepts cars on a platform. Doing a survey I have two models that would work. A Smart for 2 and an Austin Mini Cooper.

Stations would accept cars, but only a few. The other stations would only be for single mode transport. In fact some of the routes would only be for single mode transportation.

Although several stations would accept cars only a few of them would be allowed to turn cars around. On the 42 mile Ann Arbor to Detroit run there would be 37 stations. Only four of them would be able to turn cars around, both single mode and dual mode platforms.

Some stations would not have any parking, these would include fourteen stations that would accept cars and eleven stations that would only accept single mode passengers. An additional eight stations would have limited parking and accept both cars and single mode passengers.

Additional runs to Southfield and Utica would accept cars. Local runs around Ann Arbor and Detroit would only be passenger (single mode).

On 12/14/2010 I posted this on my blog:

There was a time, a hundred years ago when private contractors had a claim on city streets. It was a time of the streetcar. From mid 1800’s to about 1920 companies claimed the right to put railroad tracks down on city streets. (or at least in Detroit)

Today as we explore Personal Rapid Transportation many are looking to the highway system for implementation. I am not sure that this is an attractive proposition. For one there are just a lot of government agencies to go through. How many cities, states and other legal requirements are involved? A lot in this country.

In Seattle the discussion about PRT came down to the city not wanting to allow them on city streets. I have heard similar stories about an add on to the highway from Detroit to Lansing.

But somehow we have to get private money flowing for public transportation. Back in the 1970,s we were importing about one third of our oil, today we are importing over fifty percent of our oil. The economy is changing here, it will be common for the well to do to have cars but what about the rest of the population?

Now is the time for business entrepreneurs to start looking at overlays in transportation. How were the old cities laid out? How can we layout modern travel paths? Do we incorporate a bike into our plan? Lets look at abandoned railroads, utility access, available private land, a street or two or three or more.

So lets look at Michigan, who delayed passing a bill that would have accepted 130 million in government grant to buy the railroad between Ann Arbor and Kalamazoo. It’s just that the state would have to come up with 43 million. Now lets say that a private investor came up with the 173 million… but lets say that he has his 173 million and says “Hey I can invest just 65 million ( explore Personal Rapid Transportation) in a run between Metro and Ann Arbor and make twice as much money.

In part what I am saying is that Amtrak should run like a purposeful company by putting together it’s own high speed rail network and let private concerns initiate the transit needs. Let’s look at how we are changing, what we are doing, who we are seeing and speaking with and where we are going.

Let’s make a change.

Take a look at Detroit streetcar lines in 1900 and 1922. How we have changed!

On 12/7/2010 I posted this on my blog:

Looking at the course of rail developments in this country is troubling. You have regional agencies (governance) that vie for support of Federal dollars to fund a portion of a project. But get this, it is only a portion.

Reading one article I came across a reference from the pre-highway age that had a similar spin. Transportation and land use should be regionalized.

In New Mexico they took less than 1/3 of a billion and converted eighty miles of track into a system that carries 4500 people a day. It is still subsidized but looks like it could support its self. On the other hand California wants 300 plus miles of route for over 1.2 billion per mile? And only has 4.2 billion to start construction in the Central Valley. That sounds like a section of nowhere. We are talking of 39 billion in funding that has to come from somewhere.

There is talk of private and government finance for the project. Does one control it?

The real question here is why would a concern put up private funds when it becomes apparent that many laws will have to be followed. These are laws regarding pay and benefits primarily. Extra time for workers is good but some of these requirements are out of hand and add a very large portion to the operational cost of a system.

Then think back to how these tracks will run. Take a look at the Green Line in Dallas. These are land use corridors that were set up a century and a half ago.
Do we manufacture stuff anymore? Thats what these corridors were set up to serve.

Looking at the report that came out this week I just wonder what could be done with 2 billion in private money on a California run? Maybe get the trains up to 95 miles an hour (instead of 200). And then the wise ones would set up community transportation packages in communities. Perhaps a Personal Rapid Transit or PRT.

Lets see 43 billion less 2 billion would be 41 billion. Thats enough for two districts to get 15 billion and still have 11 billion available for other communities.

On 8/6/2010 I wrote this entry. The later is from work, or should I say the first is from work?

So I was watching an EVpodcast last night and something hit me. Michelin is comming out with or has reseached atire that works well onn lighter wieght vecicles and gets improved rolling resistance of 15 to 30%.

Now how well will it last if the cars are gotten around using my transport and just driven in nieghborhods?

carry on transporter and get off wherever there is a station stop.
I did put together a dawing for stations in new center of detroit.
It’s quite extensive.

I just knew it was coming. When I commented to Tony about just leaving the shop and not mentioning anything to me. Well he just said that I was here for a pay check and that should be it. What did I mean that I wanted to know if he was gone. I said it was just something I expected.

The next day I wrote: (a bit sloppy, but you get the picture)

It’s interesting going out of the city. Most of the main paths are on angles.
Woodward is on an angle, and of course there is Jefferson, Oakbrook, and Michigan Avenue, Grand River, Fort St. even Telegraph takes a turn downriver. There is the Lodge, I-94 and I-75. All are taking you to interesting places not to far out. Now how many downtowns are like this? And what of downtowns that have a lot of park land close in?

Google has a index modal I assume?

Los Angeles has done

The main rails are tubes that have a nylon belt running thru it, a spacing of every sixth gear is higher than the others. This facilitates jointing of sections. The switching stations are short runs that gradually slow speed down.

Add on car runs are located at some stations.

The track runs above 14′ but lowers to the ground for station stops.

Can be installed over public roads and rail lines.


I read this morning that Jacksonville, FL had as many residence as Detroit, but took up eight times more space than this city. As I go around the city on a bus I get the freeing of a dense city. There are streets with tons of houses on them. A lot of them are very nice looking too.

I recently heard that metro Detroit took up as much land mass as Chicago. Now what is the population density of Chicago compared to Detroit?

On 10/25/2010 I was thinking about work and alt-trans.

Well I could get up and get going on the loft space, and I suppose I’ll do something with it today. But what am I going to do right now? Work got called off for today.

There are the jobs I can apply for. There is one in Minneapolis that I stopped in on two years ago. Still looking. And then there is that finishing line job. But do I really want a job?

There is the transportation system I have developed. I could write some blogs on this. I could set up a facebook and twitter account maybe a web page.

I can get something done today. I don’t have to waste the day.

So let’s say I apply to a job, I get it in two weeks. So I’m up and running — or am I.
Depends on the company? Perhaps. I like planned activities. Sort of I like my down time, my chill time I like to know when things are going to happen like going to see the doctor.

Then again I live a crap shoot. Bouncing away ate the next best thing.

I can stay here. I can get back to work on the loft and work my transportation thing here. Shorter commute and working conditions are set up.

So spend some time on setting up alttrans.

On 10/27/2010 I copied (20 reasons that business fail):

1. You have no marketing plan that you actively and consistently work
2. You have not owned your value
3. Your target market is generic and unfocused
4. You have not evaluated if the market you want to reach is interested or willing to pay for your product or service
5. You lack follow up
6. You lack consistency in message, marketing and brand
7. You don’t invest in your business, you want it all for free than wonder why people won’t pay you
8. You fear success
9. You think everything needs to be perfect before you ever “launch”
10. You really have a hobby disguised as a business
11. You can’t decide what you really want to do/offer
12. Sales scare the hell out of you
13. You fear failure
14. Your personal support system is enabling
15. You don’t have a system to handle growth and opportunity
16. Your model doesn’t support true revenue building (not just fun money or income, but true revenue)
17. You needed something to do while the economy was so bad and you couldn’t find work
18. You do not have the motivation to hustle and do what it takes to get the sale
19. You don’t enjoy marketing, finance, sales, strategy, and planning and don’t have a partner doing it
20. You are paralyzed by the unknown

On 2/14/2010 my mind was on internet marketing:

Are you ready?

Just look at these internet resources!

And these are just for people. Take a look at the resources provided on trains in Europe.

As you can see there are a multitude of affiliate programs and internet resources for successful marketing.

What I have here is a short list of regulation on internet policies. What we choose to regulate, how, our policies and a blog on internet at schools.

A group from India is looking for work. Bet they get some!

internet marketing – digital marketing

Here’s a Martha Stewart adviser on getting work, a student fostering mentorship and a guy selling an affiliate link.

And we have Derek Gehl of Internet Marketing start us off with what we have to do.<

What is a site making money? In brief it’s a site devoted to what is working and what is not. Or so I would like to say. What it is is is a sample of marketing online. It is an example of what I am faced with. Many of the ideas that people have to make things work. I may not be the most up to date guy in presenting these ideas. In fact many of them may be outdated. But I am curious about what works and I am sharing my experiences with you.

I will attempt google ad words, a large portion of site content will be videos and I might throw in an affiliate program or two.

I will not be offering any self taught courses. I will feature some examples of items that I have an interest in like woodworking, home decorating, home construction, cleaning, natural foods, transportation and internet connectivity. Some of these may be sites with items for sale and some of these will just be because. Some of making money online is about getting ideas across and allowing people to click through to advertisers and some will be about selling specific items.

In between a whole lot of this site is about showing what can be done in online marketing and where to locate it. What works and why? Let’s explore the possibilities without getting caught up in the marketing of the mass’s.

Take a look at one of my pages where I outline some potentially good site ideas. Many of them can be instituted by you.

On 11/24/2010 my mind was on a house

On 12/18/2010 I wanted a pod my own:

A pod of one’s own. I can join an expressway train, I can get a ride on the pod portal and I can drive the last mile.

This is something that we could want. It would allow us to cut down on energy consumption and make personal transportation available to a greater number of people.

So what I want to do is get a bunch of people together. People from car companies, rental agents, system manufactures and other like minded individuals.

On 10/4/2010 I wrote about connecting Ann Arbor with Detroit:

A transportation system designed for metro Detroit and Ann Arbor should get people where they are going. Starting in Ann Arbor and continuing to Novi and Detroit, from metro airport, this system will work.

Leaving metro airport going towards Ann Arbor the rail runs along the Norfolk and Southern tracks heading through Romulus and Belelville, then they tack a northern direction through Rawsonville and Willow run airport before turning west and running through Ypsilanti. Once there they run up through the park across Eastern Michigan’s, St. Joe’s and Washtenaw campus’.

The transfer stop is the Ann Arbor VA Hospital, which will take you to the U of M Medical Center. You may continue on the Ann Arbor Railroad through town to Briarwood and beyond.

The VA connector is an extension of a line that runs down Cherry Hill to Inkster and connects the North Campus to the Main Campus. This line also connects Novi at Wayne road to the system.

Heading east towards Detroit the line continues to Pardee Rd. and goes north by the Henry Ford and Fairlane Mall. Then the line continues east past the library, community center and city hall. The line takes a southern direction at Miller Rd. down to Springwell’s. Here it picks up the track and goes into New Center.

At New Center the line runs up Hamilton (with a bike run through Highland Park), the Lodge to Outer Drive and up Greenfield to Town Center in Southfield.

A line could also run up the train tracks to I-696 and Hayes. A line could also run down Brush St. to Eastern Market.

On 6/14/2010 I wrote about waiting for the bus:

Yesterday I heard someone asking another person “Do you like wait for the bus?”.
Yesterday I got on the train without a ticket and the agent said “That’s so unlike you!”. Yes I use public transportation and I have for about six years now.

You will notice posts about bicycling, trains and alternative transportation showing up on my re-tweets and on my blogs.

A system of hanging cars that sat two passengers each. They would stop only at the designated stops.Through cars would by pass stations that were not scheduled to be stopped at. In the future they would add personal conveyance such as GM’s EN-V-USV. Roadways (tram lines) could be set up on existing roads, freeways and railroad right of ways.

On 4/24/2010 I wrote about my four specialties:

I want to make money online, I want to have something that people will buy. I want to provide as good an experience as possible to as many people as possible.

What is an internet marketing specialist? Why would I want to be one? Is that what I am?

The things that we learn about internet marketing strategy come from experience. When one follows a start up and watches it grow one becomes more aware of what is going on. Just what are the internet marketing secrets?

Why do I want to make money on the internet? At this point in my life I feel that it is the wright thing to do. I’m older I have experience in thinking and designing for several years. I have experience with the internet and how it’s growing and evolving. I am your internet marketing specialist.

All of this sounds great and confusing all at once. I as a specialist? Well some things I just don’t get. And some I do. Like when companies were trying to do search. Well Google got it right and many other did not. But what is Facebook doing? Not search but referrals? Now I don’t know a lot about it but I see a change.

I don’t have any articles up. I have some web pages up. And I am ready to show you some important techniques to get yourself moving.

I have selected four niches. That of a specialist, life direction, modular housing and alternative transportation.

On 10/25/2010 it’s about the bike:

A transit option using a hanging system of cars that carry two people comfortably (also with bike racks) and they only stop were you want to get off. Local shopping is a breeze with stops at many fine establishments, and locals can just drive a bit to get to a station or take their bike!

On 7/2/2010 I was mad!:

“… the size of the federal government and the crushing burden of the national debt,” said Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell …

…”14.6 million people were unemployed in June. An additional 11.2 million have given up their job searches or are working part-time but’… That “‘s a” rate of 16.5 percent.”

“It is a Catch-22 situation,” said Sung Won Sohn, professor at California State University, Channel Islands. “Businesses are reluctant to hire for fear of a ‘double-dip’ recession. Without jobs, people are watchful of their spending, a danger to the recovery.”

I’m wondering what the bus schedule will be in order to get out to Seven Mile and Telegraph on a Saturday?

I’m wondering what to do about Robert? He is tucked away at Ed’s and Ed has told me not to call. It’s been a year that I have not. What is scaring me, other than his “fucking” rant and rave over my drinking and sexual “lack of” sexual activities. And why did his live in move out. What are his intentions for Robert? I just want to talk to Robert. If I can’t see him at least to talk to him.

I injured myself last September being upset at Ed (and a few other things). I don’t want to have to go through that again.

And what is it about women drivers coming in to cross walks?

On 7/11/2010 I was a bit more optimistic:

Ever wonder about what people “have Given away” and what people have gotten? But I do like the idea about getting the best tomatoes from you and learning about some of the special brands – that an Email can get. Yes there is away for the Kiss!

Some times I am just amaized by differences in some email messages, tweets and other social networks. In 2006 I started seling on Ebay, actually a few years before.
In that year I started selling Doba products. I sold over $30,000 dollars worth in 2007 and made about $300 dollars a month. (Not enough to replace my income – but a start). Unfortuanlty PayPal cut me off in January of 2007.

But I’m still on some of Ebay’s forums. It might be once every three months that I’ll get an email from them.

Then from Alex Mandossian I’lll get “…MicroWave what?”. Which I’ll quickly delet with Derrick VanDyke, and simple.MARKETING oh yea Facebook Dating App.

Then there is WebMD, Yanik Silver, Jaz Lai, HFN Magazine,

On 7/30/2010 I started this post with all it’s misspellings and unincorporated links:

Industrial elecvtric use is not rebounding during this recescen. In fact it is down to 25% of elcetricity used, compared to 37% in the early 80’s. Frieght on airlines increased 24% recently. Are we shifting our jobs? Commercial and residential electric usage is rebounding acording to historical records.

This week I learned that modular housing manufactures are providing homes for not only the governmment but also larger houses. I learned that cities are cutting back because their tax revnue is decreased. There is more than an eight month supply of houses on the market. (the norm should be six months) I learned that by spending $1100, a savings of $1000 can be relized in just one year.

And what about those biomass buildings from 2211? Thats only 200 years away!

In transportion it is troubleing that New York is having trouble funding. When we should be looking at public trasportqation we are looking at how to fund it. In Caloifornia they are voting on a code to restore carbon levels to 1990 levels by 2020. (was 1990 better than before? or is that just year that might be otbainable)

Europe is on a train buying spree. A lot of coaches will be added to Europpean cities in the next few years.

Here Washington D.C. is wondering wheather or not to schedule trains differently and still there is argueing over street car lines.

On the home front I am working on adding an inch to a pucker on a chair. Who knew that one inch could make such a difference! Well on to the subjects of living better.

a million plus!

Why did the site I promoted not work?

Start ups hit record low.

I started the month saying that KALA should be a vendor, not a sub.
Will Tesla Follow A123

Asia Fastest-Growing Region for Twitter
the next 40 years!

On 9/3/2010 its about 100MPH

Show that you can come up with customers being delivered to stores on a regular basis by moving them around at 100 miles per hour. They would get to where they are going (40 miles in an half hour) and back before they knew it. You know, programs and all of that. Bypass stations that you are not stopping at.

Just do something weird! Yes find something weird, you heard me right. Find something weird. Something that Apple needs to consider and that might be important. Musical?, Computer-Able?, Domain Search?, Transportation?. Transportable? or something else?

On 2/12/2010

On Design: e2 they showed in episode 4 they showed using material from bridge and construction building into housing elements. Suggested that enginering should be done to ensure that building materils were recycled.

On 9/10/2010 my mind was on business:

Looking at a lot of things going on online. Such as transportation issues, green concerns and how to get things done. At issue are how is this being payed for: is “this” right?: this is close to “right”

My plan is to get thinkers following me, to see the interlinked layers that make up our world.

Maybe the United States of America is onto something by not having high speed rail?

Maybe China has it right in their monetary policies?

And wrong in their “social” policies…

Or maybe we are so far behind that we can’t catch up … or can we…

Marketing modular housing, fostering knowledge of renewable energy, social and transportation issues and some solid marketing tips.


Durbin seeks probe of pollution at rail stations,0,7746151.story

maybe chicago is ready for a rail makeoverin fifteen years.

On 2/12/2010 My mind was on modular housing:

Cisco’s big bet, wire smart cities. But IBM is wiring existing cities. No more, they have a player in wiring existing cities – Cisco. Cisco may have the upper hand though, in wiring planned cities they have an infastructure. In taking on the contract for New Songdo, South Korea Cisco took on the proposal that every one else had turned down.

I should write something. Like new home sales are down – down and down. The lowest levels since 1963 when records were started. Less than 260,000 new home starts. And an eight month supply. I wonder how many are modular homes?

With the reports that I have seen I suspect more than a few are modular. These forms have to keep their factories going and will (and have) obtained many contracts from the government as well as from so large scale homes. (Million dollar plus categories.)

And what am I doing? I’m reupholstering. Something I’ve not done in thirty some years. But it was what I found. Why? Well people seem to have cars that they want to keep, but they also want to keep the inside nice. People have chairs and sofas that they can not afford to buy new but they want to make their houses look good.

So off to work I go. At minimum wage no less! But at least it is a job.

In the meantime I’ll continue to post about modular housing and see if I can find a way to make some money there.

My 11/19/2010 listing?

Carmine Palombo, director of transportation planning for the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments regional planning agency.

On 4/19/2010 my ideas about woodworking were out weight by transportation:

Alright if a train (transporter) ran in one direction and only for a certain period of time, then they reversed. Suppose there were just a certain number but you wanted to add more into the mix. Increase your rate of projection. Start out at a third your rate. Initial stops are all self contained cars, that ride the track only.

The cars only ride on secure routes , but that does mean grade level exit crossings. Allow 3 minuet breaks every seven minuets. (How many cars? One third full?)

So these run between West Brighton, East Brighton, Kensington Rd., South Lyon, Salem, Beck Rd., Plymouth, Newberg, Middlebelt, Telegraph, West Dearborn M12, Livernois and Detroit.

Run thirty cars every minuet and get about 400 every seven minuets. W B to D with six high lighted stops would take? 1/2 an hour, run time 45 minuets. Turn them around and run every stop and it would take twice as long. An hour and a half. Two and a quarter every cycle. Six am to eight and a quarter to ten and a half to twelve 45 to three to five and a quarter to seven 45 to nine to eleven and a quarter to one thirty.

At full capacity (1/3 ) it equals 7200 passengers a day thats 2,500,000 passengers a year. At $2 a passenger thats 5 million a year. Can I build 45 miles of run with 100 million? ( 1/3 ).

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Sean McAde

7/15/2010 foreclosures:
Homes lost to foreclosure on track for 1M in 2010

In all, about 1.7 million homeowners received a foreclosure-related warning between January and June. That translates to one in 78 U.S. homes.

There are more than 7.3 million home loans in some stage of delinquency, according to Lender Processing Services.

More than a third of the 1.2 million borrowers who have enrolled in the mortgage modification program have dropped out. That compares with about 27 percent who have received permanent loan modifications and are making payments on time.

Nevada … Arizona, Florida, California and Utah were next among states with the highest foreclosure rates. Rounding out the top 10 were Georgia, Michigan, Idaho, Illinois and Colorado.

One in ten homes are in trouble. Lenders will take through 2013 to resolve the backup. Normally there are 100,000 homes a year receiving foreclosure notices. Now the figure is 10 times as many. In total it takes about 15 months from the first notice to foreclosure.

On 7/21/2010 I wrote about (hardware…?):

What is my quality standard. It works, it’s available and it works well. That’s it, so stick to Saliche or Blum hinges. I stick to Acuride, Blum, or Mepla drawer slides. When looking for solid brass hardware I stick to reputable names on smaller stuff and work with low cost distrbutors with the larger items, such as entry door hinges.

I can source Blum or Saliche through major companies as well as independant distributors. Acuride, Blum or Mepla dawer slides can be sourced in the same way. and they last longer than most of the competitors.

I just get drunk to satisfy the soul. Well at least that’s what I say. Why I get drunk is another story though. I get drunk when things are not going right, but I drink almost every day, (or at least a few times a week). So in the past six years I have gotten drunk about 12 times.

Tonight is the 12th time. I’ll feel it in the morning! I went over to my son’s house this morning expecting to see him. I did not. Is this a reason to get drunk? I’m not sure. But I am. Will it make me

On 4/13/2010 I downloaded the (Ultimate Pot):

Rather than slumping into post-Copenhagen gloom, they set out a vision of how a dangerously expanded population could enjoy health, food, shelter, energy, mobility, education and other basics of life by mid-century.

As KPN Telecom CEO Ad J. Scheepbouwer explained, “We have seen more change in the last 10 years than in the previous 90.”

In the Vision 2050 scenario, global society achieves this standard of living without further harm to biodiversity, climate and ecosystem services.

What WBCSD is calling for is “a radical transformation of global markets, governance and infrastructure, and a re-thinking of our ideas of growth and progress. To make all of this possible, corporate Boards and C-Suites are going to have to work out how to incorporate the costs of externalities, starting with carbon, ecosystem services and water, into the structure of the marketplace. They have to work out how to double agricultural output without increasing the amount of land or water used. And, among many other things, they have to halve carbon emissions worldwide (based on 2005 levels) by 2050.

C-Suites are waking up to the fact that there are huge opportunities here for new products and services, for tapping into (or creating) new markets, for differentiating the business and brand, and for powerfully engaging present and future employees. No wonder, then, that a growing number are buying into the defining high-stakes market game of the twenty-first century. But how ready are they to build winning hands?

On 3/2/2010 I wrote about housing and an (intelligent transportation system SOUTH LYON? BRIGHTON):

When you search the web for money making ideas what hits you in the face is a bunch of programs. I mean sites that espouse

Modular housing, home estates, factory built homes, Prefab homes

What do we mean when we search for the terms modular, prefab and factory built. What are we looking for? Do we think that we will find a greener home, a better built home or just a home.

Hell when I was a kid a prefab home was a mobile home, and they were flimsy. Today wen I look up a modular home it could be a McMansion. Time was when a factory built home was just a mobile home but no more.

A modular home can be just about anything that you want. But what should it be? Could not it be a core group of utilities tied together to provide a green living space?

Could they be a design that incorporates a system of savings for a long time? Could they be a way to save the environment?

We will look at some of the basics of manufactured housing.

blu Homes

Wausau Homes

Hillcrest Homes

These are just some of the links to manufactured housing. Take a look at some of them.

I don’t like writing. I do not like setting things down on paper. Yes it might be more fun to do videos. Or may be it is just fun to repost what others have written.

So I need to write like I think.

What, yes what I do. I think. Like what it is that I do and how. And why I do what I do, That’s simple. It’s how I think.

And what I do is the how of the why.

I was raised in a home that fostered some conservation issues. Save the doors for when we but the house back together. Conserve on everything. recycle everything, when you can.

We had our faults and we had our ideals. I grew up on them. I think them, have thought them and continue to think and respond as if they were a part of me.

What I saw as a child was different than what I saw an adult. I am still the child. I see things as a child would. Can’t you!

I would put all the plumbing in one spot in a house. It saves on materials, time and effort. (at least I think it does.) Some would argue the point but let’s try it out. Would it lower the cost of preparing a house?

Think of just having that one parcel of a home delivered. You would not be required to do any plumbing! And think of all the hassles that you would eliminate. Think of all the other stuff that could be installed as well!


Last week a Twitter poster was looking for a writer. I wrote a few things to see if I could get some work. Two of the articles are below. One article was deleted because it used copyrighted material and I did not want it on a web site. No I did not get the job, if it was even a job, it might have been just a contributing position.

But it was about houses and what we find interesting in them. And that is part of what I want to focus on, along with alternative transportation and heathy living. Specifically I want to focus on modular/manufactured housing. I think this is the way that most of our housing will be built in the future.

Why, some will ask. I think it has to do with all of the things that will be a part of housing in the near future. But when will that future arrive? Economist think the housing market will take until 2013 to recover. Perhaps I will be able to sort through some of the manufactures and issues about home construction by then.

Modular home construction is not a big deal, just a sensible one.

Right now you can check out these three modular home builders
Hillcrest Homes, Wausau Homes and blu Homes.

intelligent transportation system

And on 12/1/2010 my mind was on houses and gravel pits:

Recently I went out on a job at “Bare Ass Beach”, but nobody will call it that anymore. Bare ass was a place that people went to when I was in high school. It was an old gravel pit, old even in the 70’s. You went down a gravel road next to the township hall and got to the beach, which was a hole in the ground filled with water. Today it has been expanded and ringed with houses. It is beautiful. And most likely expensive.

A few weeks before I had visited another old gravel pit in Northville that had had the same effect applied to it. I don’t think it was as beautiful, the houses were bigger but they were not all of stone or brick.

On 11/4/2010

I wonder what it is that makes people think that I am young?

On 3/4/2010 I wrote:

So according to John Reese there are just to many things to do rather than participate in Twitter. There is a site making money out there just needing some work. And I’m going to get to work on it.

I’ve noticed that the successful people don’t tweet that much. Jeremy Palmer does not have a lot to say and when he does it’s something like; “Love this graph:”The Complexity Of The U.S. Tax System>.

Jeremy on the other hand is someone that makes a killing on running affiliate sites.

And on 3/8/2010 I (posted?):

What is a site making money? In brief it’s a site devoted to what is working and what is not. Or so I would like to say. What it is is is a sample of marketing online. It is an example of what I am faced with. Many of the ideas that people have to make things work. I may not be the most up to date guy in presenting these ideas. In fact many of them may be outdated. But I am curious about what works and I am sharing my experiences with you.
When I came across this video I thought “Yea that’s me.” Here I am sharing with you how to make money online, but I’m not making much myself. Part of me is sharing what I’ve come across building my own web site. Watch the video and I’ll explain latter.

I will attempt google ad words, a large portion of site content will be videos and I might throw in an affiliate program or two.
I will not be offering any self taught courses. I will feature some examples of items that I have an interest in like woodworking, home decorating, home construction, cleaning, natural foods, transportation and internet connectivity. Some of these may be pages with items for sale and some of these will just be because. Some of making money online is about getting ideas across and allowing people to click through to advertisers and some will be about selling specific items.
In between a whole lot of this site is about showing what can be done in online marketing and where to locate it. What works and why? Let’s explore the possibilities without getting caught up in the marketing of the mass’s.
Take a look at one of my pages where I outline some potentially good site ideas. Many of them can be instituted by you.

Granted I have a site about making money online, and I’m not even offering a program to you that will make money for myself. Yes I have made money online with ebay and some drop ship programs. Right now I am showcasing a site that I built.
This is a site that pulls from some of the “experts” in the field of site building and also allows me to post about some of the things that I am interested in.
Some of the other sites may not be visible to you from these pages. One such site is about wood. Each site that I feature will lead others back into this site. Weather or not that is a good idea is yet to be decided.
What is a site making money? In brief it’s a site devoted to what is working and what is not. Or so I would like to say. What it is is is a sample of marketing online. It is an example of what I am faced with. Many of the ideas that people have to make things work. I may not be the most up to date guy in presenting these ideas. In fact many of them may be outdated. But I am curious about what works and I am sharing my experiences with you.
When I came across this video I thought “Yea that’s me.” Here I am sharing with you how to make money online, but I’m not making much myself. Part of me is sharing what I’ve come across building my own web site. Watch the video and I’ll explain latter.

I will attempt google ad words, a large portion of site content will be videos and I might throw in an affiliate program or two.
I will not be offering any self taught courses. I will feature some examples of items that I have an interest in like woodworking, home decorating, home construction, cleaning, natural foods, transportation and internet connectivity. Some of these may be pages with items for sale and some of these will just be because. Some of making money online is about getting ideas across and allowing people to click through to advertisers and some will be about selling specific items.
In between a whole lot of this site is about showing what can be done in online marketing and where to locate it. What works and why? Let’s explore the possibilities without getting caught up in the marketing of the mass’s.
Take a look at one of my pages where I outline some potentially good site ideas. Many of them can be instituted by you.

Granted I have a site about making money online, and I’m not even offering a program to you that will make money for myself. Yes I have made money online with ebay and some drop ship programs. Right now I am showcasing a site that I built.
This is a site that pulls from some of the “experts” in the field of site building and also allows me to post about some of the things that I am interested in.
Some of the other sites may not be visible to you from these pages. One such site is about wood. Each site that I feature will lead others back into this site. Weather or not that is a good idea is yet to be decided.

In December on 12/16/2010 I wondered if history is getting longer:

Is history getting longer? I guess I’d like to know. Wars are getting longer. Ideas take longer. I just read that court cases from 2004 are common. I just read that in the 16 or 1700’s in just 2 years the laws of religious freedom were overwritten for the Netherlands. (hey I looked for a web page to be open-but I actually read this in a magazine)

How about our own laws?Are they not rewritten every two years? Or if not every eight to twelve years?

On 11/2/2010 I wrote about Sugar Land:

It’s weird that I question myself when confronting a problem. Like when upholstering a curved ottoman in a printed strip. Or then a large pattern I cut out backwards!

So what’s up with Sugar Land, TX, they want to establish a transportation system! Well we have just the idea for them. Don’t wait for a new system, start one.

You are a city with fingers. One that seeks to incorporate a new major league ballpark in the next few years. You are a city of hospitals and office buildings. You are a city with major power lines, lakes and angled roads. And you are a city of individuals.

You need a transportation system to fit those needs.

You need a hanging system that allows for easy movement within the city.

You need a way to connect to the stadium.

You need a system that gets all of this done, quickly!

I read an article about using a bidet recently, actually it started out with a company trying to eliminate the cardboard tube in the center of toilet paper.

The gist of the article was that we need to look at things differently. Rather than save some trees by reducing paper what we might look at is whether or not we swish our privates with water instead.

When we talk about getting around we should think about means other than cars, planes and trains.

Trains are a 160 year old phenomena, cars are 110 years old and planes about 90 years old. Is there something else to get around with? Bikes, horses or jitneys.

Some cites have train networks that work very well for them and others have never used them. Lets do something original in these locations. Like a lane straddling bus?

On 7/18/2010 I finished Low-Wage Capitalism:

I finished reading Low-Wage Capitalism by Fred Goldstein yesterday. It made me think but it also made me wonder. What if…? How…? And will the world revolt…?

I also looked at a job listing on Craig’s List yesterday. For a commercial sewer in Chesterfield Township. They were paying $8.25 and the list of responsibilities was long, long and long. I thought who lives in Chesterfield that could work for $8.25 an hour? Granted there is one bus that runs out there, but is this place near a bus stop?

So I pick up Real Utopia by Chris Spannos and started reading it. It opens with an explanation of parecon. Now this is something I can get my mind around.

Compared to the Low-Wage consensus that “Socialism is the only way out”

On 10/28/2010 there is going to be more:

What I want to do with intelligent transportation system is promote methods of transportation that work well in the municipalities and locals they are to function in. I want to see changes come about in my lifetime. There fore I am proposing that private funds be used. My goal is to locate these funds and get some projects off the ground.

Once funding is located then we can continue with the transit options. Some cities will do well with light timed busses, others with light rail and some with bike paths. There are going to be differences in transit options, but there is going to be more.


It’s funny but I get the city about the size of 300K to 800K but I am also getting the city the size of 4 million. I get the city with a metro zone, a north, south, west and east none. What is the metro zone? That is the (100K) question.

And that is still on my mind.

On 5/28/2010 I took notes on 3 steps…:

construction Info formula
3 steps
name system

translate value of system

money / system
time / translate
work / explain


ChinaFunSports/Zero-Gravity Massage Chair ..


start at the top
if executives are responsible thy will reflect the goals of others
show others


On 12/3/2010 I posted:

Yesterday I had a customer drop off a sofa cushion that had a tear in it. He went on about Art Van and how they sent two people out to say it was not covered by the he warranty. Then he went on to say that he had people coming over for the holidays and then he said “they want to see what you have…”, and that line stuck with me!

So they want to see what you have? Is this what life comes down to? In one word, yes. As much as we try to forge ahead with notions that what we do matters, (to what “they” think?), it really is always in our forefront about what we have.

We tend to share what we have. We associate with people with whom we can share. And that means showing what we have.

Be it the Pistons or a perfect sofa. Be it a back up camera (on all post 2014 vehicles) or an idea about transportation.

We seek out people that we are comfortable with. “They..” are different, the same, changing or not changing, in a waiting place or forgotten. “They…” are the people we are sharing “…what you have…” with. In a word this what life comes down to “they want to see what you have…”.

On 11/5/2010 (get credit flowing again):

“to get credit flowing again.”

well it’s not

And on 11/8/2010:

Note: The Buy America Act requires government mass transportation spending to use American products.

And on 7/18/2010 train fact?:

12 new 4-car Trains totaling 48-cars, valued at over 70 million US

On 11/10/2010 partners:

Partners such as Spijkstaal (chassis and drive line), Cargotec ACT (controls), Odiris (ICT) and
Benteler (vehicle assembly) have had major contributions to the realization of the Masdar

On 9/17/2010 I copied this:

“I heard John at a seminar say something about writing headlines I’d never heard or read anyone else say before — and believe me, I’ve been a serious and successful student of copywriting for over ten years. The result: I came up with a headline that crashed through all the noise in a very, very crowded marketplace and, starting from zero, very rapidly created a new seven figure ($1,000,000+) a year money machine that’s only just getting warmed up.”
Ken McCarthy, “The System”

And on 9/17/2010 what happened:

I think there is something new about : what the hell I’ll get back to you!

I just had an exchange in the hallway! What hallway? Well it had to do with…? Something.

I just did not hear a word he said…and he said so…!

But what I was thinking about yesterday was how fast the black population could reproduce. Especially in this society…Detroit.

There are a million people in Detroit right now and most of them are black. When there were two million in the city most of them were white. What happened in forty, or fifty years?

On 7/28/2010

I am working for an upholstery and leather shop. It is a learning experience. In many ways it is a recall of earlier days. Days when lying was accepted.

When I started doing upholstery it was nothing to say that


But it did not take a long time when building started. Is this a water viaduct or just an elaborate site?

On 12/9/2010

Get investors to invest in a Vectus transit system that is powered on both sides and has elastic cable to a down station.

1. Prepare a Pre-Information Notice (PIN), for
publication in the Offi cial Journal of the
European Community. This notifi es suppliers
of an impending Invitation to Tender (ITT)
and invites those interested to complete a
PQQ (Pre-Qualifi cation Questionnaire).
2. Prepare and publish an Invitation To
Tender if it is intended to procure the system
directly, or an Invitation to Participate if a
Private Finance Initiative (PFI) is proposed.
3. Receive/evaluate the responses and enter
into competitive dialogue if required.
4. Select contractor/consortium and prepare
to award contract or, in the case of a PFI, a
consortium partner position, but subject to
satisfying certain conditions described in the
next steps.
Procurement and funding
Several studies have shown that PRT schemes should
be able to recover their full capital and operating
costs through the fare box. However, the initial
capital outlay required is expected to be more
expensive than for an equivalent bus scheme. Many
local authorities with limited budgets will therefore
be tempted to go for the apparently cheaper and
better understood bus alternative rather than the
riskier and unproven solution of PRT.
For these reasons, most proponents of PRT believe
that procurement through a Private Finance Initiative
(PFI) is to be preferred. This will enable involvement
by the private sector who can be expected to accept
some of the risk (both technical and fi nancial) in
return for a share of the profi ts.
Several models for PFIs are possible, known as

On 5/1/2010 I was woodworking:

I took on a built in wall unit recently. I’m trying to get $15 an hour out of it. Getting the material cut and buying the trim cost about $500 and labor should be about $800 (at $15 an hour). Not bad, a built in wall unit for $1300.

We went to a lumberyard that cuts to size, you can try cabinet shops if nothing else. Having the stock cut to size was a big help. Next I had to attach the moldings, edging and door details.

That done I screwed the main components together and disassembled them before staining. I had a gun that I had not used for two years. Cleaning the gun took about two hours! Yes I could have gone out to buy one for about $15, but what fun is that.

The gun cleaned and ready to spray. But I did not have enough finish for the whole thing, and I did not want to spend $60 on another gallon. So I saved the undersides for brushing. Now I know that a lot of you will brush on a finish, so here are some tips to finishing.

On 7/5/2010 it was houses:

So it was almost a plane wreck?
Or the guy got lost in the shop?

What do I want to write about?
Housing? Wind energy? Solar energy? Or greenhouse gasses emitted by animals?

What has potential for income?

Houses is the most likely. So I’ll write about houses.

On 10/30/2010 who needs a tunnel?:

OK so New Jersey has 2.3 million more jobs than in 1950 and New York has the same 3.6 million it had 60 years ago. So who needs a tunnel?…

and LA is finally building the link to the sea. After 20 years of rail going around the city to important locations they are doing a subway to the ocean.

On 10/15/2010 it was the worlds tallest house:

I once wondered how the twin towers would come down. I saw the models in Yamisaki’s office in 1975 or ’76 and wondered how they would be destroyed. I wonder today how some of the great new scrapers will come down. And I wonder how a 28 story house will fall?

6/29/2010 an impasse?

I just started reading “Low-Wage Capitalism” by Fred Goldstein. So far it’s a great book. Yes we are finding ourselves in a powerful change. Yes we have doubled our workforce in the past few years. Yes we are competing with countries that we would not have expected to compete with just a few decades ago.

To go from making over $50,000 just a few years ago to getting by with food stamps and wages that are below minimum wages is troubling. But it also the reality of what we are experiencing.

When I take the bus and see all of the closed business’s, some large factories, I am not shocked. What shocks me is the complacency of people. We know that we are competing with other parts of the world. As their wages go up ours come down.

When the top 1% of earners control more and more of the worlds wealth we are in an impasse.

Or do we transform the world: 5/21/2010

A couple mouths back Cisco announced that it was venturing into setting up smart cities. Then IBM announced that it was setting up to rewire cities. Then Cisco came out and said that it was rewiring cities.

This week in Ireland it was announced that the web will run out of addresses in a short time. We will need to configure 128 bit addresses instead of 32 bit. Ouch, how do 4 billion users transfer?

What do we have going on here? Do we have a .02% figure of users like we did back when solar was hot (in the 70’s) or do we have the makings of something really massive (say 50% users)?

So say we need something like 200 cities with 5 million people in them in a matter of 30 to 50 years. Do we design the cities and build them? Do we continue to grow existing cities and wire them?

How socially dependent do we (can we all) become. What are the governance rules for such a society? Where do all of the non compliers (AND PARTIAL COMPLIERS) live? How do they function in a society that tracks just about everything? (assuming that a lot of systems are in place to do so)

Just what is our world heading for in 50 years, 150 years and beyond? Eighty five years ago planners for a small town in Michigan built a bridge with a sidewalk on it. It took eighty five years to connect the sidewalk.

Most likely, part of our society will make adaptations and others will not. It will take many years of trying to get most of the people to be on a (system). We have to get people over the 18% mark to create a great moving force, but what should that force be?

Should it be (we are bound and committed) or (the choice is yours). And if so who’s is yours? We live in a society of organizations (and People).

I think we need to get past the 18%, the idea that the choice is in fact ours as PEOPLE to make, how we do this is not an open slate but rather a complex interaction. What do you think will happen in a 150 years? Or even next year? Can we decide and is it best if we decide? But what will happen in the next three years?

Will marriage patterns change? Will they want to make batteries next door? And can I stop them? Shit, just a bunch of stuff could change.

Lets just look at the immigration policy enacted by Arizona, maybe it is the right choice and maybe it is the wrong. Lets just give a state (or maybe a county, parish, city or town?) credit. Maybe trading CO2 credits like Hayworth did last week can be a good thing for some areas. (I know that’s some extrapolation, but you get the idea) Local areas can opt to set standards that do not currently fit conditions.

Some of us might be the 18% of Twitter users caring them over the top, but never think of ourselves as part of a wired system to monitor our homes. That has to be alright. But will that change? A hundred and fifty years in the future will that change? I don’t know. But in the meantime I’ll be advancing thoughts concerning our choices.

Which way do we go? Will we become a monolithic culture or do we establish a means of transformation? Do we redesign our cites or do we establish new, do we redesign our farms or establish new farming practices, do we redesign the way we live (we have already)?

Satellites and bank problems

I probably should not have gotten up and checked my checking account first thing this morning. They charged me another $35 service charge from the overdraft that they refunded from my free credit report. Now I’m up to $70 in fees on something I have not received, miss ordered and through the result of excessive banking practices.

My small world of the banking mess. Yes I got into it big time. In 2002 I received a mortgage two days before the IRS hit me with a levy. By 2007 I had refinanced the house and then the bank took it over, kind of. (they have never transfered title now the county owns the house, again kind of) and lets see I lost my car during that period of time, went bankrupt and have lived on very minimal income for the past four years.

If you have not figured this out, this is my morning bitch blog. So now the one bank account I have been able to keep is going to be charging me $35 every week until I can pay them up. And believe me from the past experiences from their credit collection agencies, they can get nasty. Since letting another account go the same way I doubt that I’ll be able to open another account easily.

This puts me onto the new forms of discrimination as I am out looking for work. So many employers do credit and background checks that scan and push out a lot of prospects because they have had credit and or problems with courts. Sure we’ll hire you if you are this or that. But still look at the unemployment numbers.

When I went into get  my food card a few months ago I went in with a neighbor on a cane, I was limping per usual and we both noticed that about 20% of the adults had canes. The next day listening to an unemployment  report it stated that college educated whites were twice as likely to be unemployed as a few years back. they stood at 4%, the highest unemployment rate was among the disabled at 13%!

Ok, enough of my bitching about my life. Another thing on my mind yesterday came across the screen as one of Yahoo’s most emailed pictures.

All the junk and satellites orbiting earth
All the junk and satellites orbiting earth

It’s a computer generated view of the earth with all of the (17,000 to 18,000) pieces of material orbiting it. Many of them satellites and much of it small pieces of junk. So much of our communication bounces off of this stuff that we would seem to be lost without our satellite communications. The view shown makes one wonder how we even launch a missile. And what if a good sized comet blew this whole ring off course and into more collisions.

That’s it for my beefs this morning if you want to see my more positive ventures visit at my home site