Today I’m starting new routine. For several years the first thing I’ve done in the morning is to make coffee, check the daily news and a few other things online. This morning I’m going to start the day with a daily blog.

My mother said once and I read it once that you should not have anything to drink the day before a presentation. Today I have a job interview. That’s a presentation, is it not? And yesterday I had a half pint.

I searched Google for how many “drinks in a half pint” and in the first twenty responses there was nothing about this. In several other search engines, still nothing. Finally in the only response was “two good ones”. I really doubt that this is right. Just goes to illustrate how accurate our internet sources can be.

What have you searched for that you question? Are we really changing our knowledge base with the internet or are we hiding some of the knowledge that is out there? Since I have been spending a lot of time online the past few years, this example seems like a good illustration of some of the problems we may experience. If I want to buy something it seems easy to find some things online. and then there is always the – but.

In searching for ZCoils yesterday, a shoe with springs in the heel, I found about 20 one eBay one way. I found about 70 searching for Z Coil and 169 searching for Z-Coil, although a lot of these listings were not for shoes.

My dad stopped by and said that a person he knows has a pair of shoes with several springs in the heel. When I started searching “coiled heels”, “spring heels”, and other options I came up with one other shoe option and one option for clogs, but not the shoes he had seen. Where is it hidden online?

At any rate I would rather be making money online and not having to go into work at a real job most days. Still I can really use a steady income so off I’ll go to the interview today. One of my sisters called yesterday and said that she is just the worker bee now. Kind of what another sister said when she visited Emma last week. She is just going around and cleaning hotel rooms and collecting her check.
She thinks I can do the same thing selling furniture. Yes I know I can. Can I do it for the ten years I did so teaching woodworking or will it be another partial year of selling furniture like it has been three times in the past.

If I can use the experience to help sell stuff online it just might be worth it to have a job in a furniture store. Stay tuned.

And then there is the beef of the day. At the first of the month I ordered a free credit report. I noted on my calender to cancel it by the 17th to be well before the thirty day limit. On that day I got an overdraft from the bank for $39. I called the credit company and was told that by using Mozila as my browser I was only allowed a seven day report. They did refund the cost of the report, but by the time I called the bank today the bank had charged me an additional $35 for being overdrawn. The bank did agree to refund the $39 but I still have to get $35 into the account to cover the service fee by Wednesday or another $35 fee gets tacked on. And they say banks are not making money? Well they sure have means in place to charge those of us that don’t have any money, money. And where does that put the people of the world? Further away from getting ahead!

am now pm

Alright, is there any real reason that a person would design a site so that when you are sitting down at the computer that:
A. the window to your left shows the side of the pole barn?
B. that the kids play video games in the same room?
C. that the window to your right is closed so that they can do so?
D. that the person that designed the room does not work on the computer?
E. the two of the rooms in the house with nice nature views are never or seldom used.

Off that subject for the moment. On to looking for a job. The third visit to a store today for an interview. When I received the call for an interview I was excited. Then when I mentioned my bad foot I got the cold shoulder and a response that they would have to check with the district manager. Well today (about a week and a half later) I got my interview.

I really think it’s time to start working the online route forcefully again. I was told if they did not call me back for a second interview in two week that I could assume the job had been filled.

A second stop for a job asks for a mailed, faxed or hand delivered resume and job application. When I go to the companies web site, human resources does have a web site. And I can’t afford printer ink (got the response that Epson was the most difficult company to deal with in order to get cheap or alternate refill options when I complained about the $29 low price on ink).

So at any rate why don’t they provide the site to email a resume? At least I picked up an application. I’ll mail that in and email the resume.

Other than these and the hundreds of other applications that I’ve submitted the past year, this is it.

Check out some of the suggestions (i’ll provide a link when that page is up – for now you’ll have to search) I offer on a Site Making Money.

And the video game in the background is annoying, but rather predictable which makes it easier than the laughing form the downstairs neighbor that I had for a year and a half.