Another Jam Handy Post

The Jam Handy (the lovely building that houses this little social club) is undergoing a fundraising siege! Please join us for any and all of the following events. All proceeds will go towards getting permanent heating, awesome lights, and a sweet sound system in the space. Ya!

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Saturday, October 20th

JAM HANDY FUN-draiser!
This weekend, there are plenty of shenanigans happening in the city, so why not stack your plate high, and add the Jam Handy to your list of things to get into!

DJs in the big room!
Amy Dreamcatcher
Uno Mas (Claire D’Aoust)
DJ Hairy Nilsson (Dan Austin)
Sabado Gigante
The Rev. Robert David Jones

The Jamison Social Club
2900 east grand blvd
detroit, MI 48202

They did a great job of getting the funding they needed to install some heating and lighting. Join them to continue the effort!