It is time to publish…today it’s about recovery & +…

maps of system options * yellow areas are self driving *some details of supported system in left corner
maps of system options * yellow areas are self driving
*some details of supported system in left corner

In May I lost the ability to draw maps in Google Maps. My computer is from 2006 and only has 1.25GB of memory. I think the latest browsers require about 4GB. I had also lost the ability to access the 134 maps that I had drawn. To compound matters I went in for a hernia operation and when I healed from that I broke my kneecap. Then in June there was a transportation meeting in Port Austin and with 4 weeks of kneecap recovery I went. When I got back I spent several days going to other transit events and a party where I slipped and broke my kneecap again.

I have spent the last eight weeks recovering from that and the removal (a month ago) of ten screws in my knee and ankle. In the meantime I took a loan to live on and received an iPad from my father, so I can now access maps. The confusing part is that most of the written words are on on my desktop, so I am stuck emailing myself in order to compose another email with a map. (or compose a blog post…)

Just before I lost access to the 134 maps I made a KMZ file ( Farms, forest _ parks.kmz ) of many of them. What I expected was file of each one but as I opened them they added to each other. What I ended up with is a file that includes some long transit runs and some other cities such as Las Vegas and Davisburg, CA. This opens up in Google Earth and seems to have only self driving areas…

The KMZ map includes self driving shaded areas, train, bus and carriers. The other maps that I’m including give a representation of carrier lines that I would like to see as part of our Detroit Metro.

Farms, forest _ parks.kmz (do think it will work)

There is even a sorting out field of the internet now. I can get Google to do a download once! There afterward I can download an image to G+…( see my google plus profile to see the latest map-done today)

Given the fact that there has been much discussion on Atlanta and Barcelona being the same population but Atlanta is much larger, I question the use of Barcelona’s transit system in the U.S. Detroit can be the catalyst for the suburban model.

In order to do that there needs to be a way of defining roadways to get people around. Some of these are shown in the map of the RTA of Southeast Michigan showing routes of travel along Michigan Ave. There needs to be a clear means of designating roads other then M- roads as travel destinations. Some roads will need areas were buses/trains/carriers get a green light instead of a red. Some roads might be in electrical transmission routes or along rivers or though vacant properties…

Take a look at the maps I have provided…without comment or do…