Getting the work out How?

It’s a Wednesday morning and I feel lost on the internet. In the few years that I have been attempting to make money online the best I have done is about three hundred dollars a month drop shipping stuff on eBay. This year I am devoting to getting a web site up and generating some money from affiliate programs. The aproach that I started with is a Site Sell site because at the time I did not feel that I had any experience in creating my own site.

The past few months I have spent a lot of time looking at ways to make come alive and to entice some sales. I picked up a few network marketing products that I have not done much with and have been spending time trying to figure out how to write sales copy and other web based products.

Looking at the information out there I am still confused. One way or another I’m going to get something to work.

I feel lost on some of basics that people don’t seem to cover. It may be my self learning ruitine or it may be that I just have not found the right place to look. Like how do people get pictures in thier email? In the meantime I do what I can.

This is a rambling note but it’s a start. Today I will look at one bit of information that has been real helpful from Jeremy Palmer and his Black Ink project. From there I will look at how I  can present information on the travel program YTB and the home products from Melaleuca. So off to work for today.