Learning to crawl – a new job

Today I start “Money Today” type of work. Sunday I purchased a program that outlines making money “online”, and it said that it was going to get me from crawling to walking to running. And the first thing I needed was “Money Today”.

Yep money for what I do. Money to invest in my goals for tomorrow. I needed money today! So I came back and searched Craig’s List for a job. And low and behold I found one! So off I go to work.

I’ll be doing upholstery. Something that I have not done in a few years but I’m good at. I have been doing construction lately but it’s running out. And it has never been a full time job. In fact i have only gotten in about 15 hours a week. And at $7 an hour thats not much!

I’ll still be able to get that much in and work a job. Part time or full time it’s about making some money to set up other web sites. When I just have one and that is hard to keep up on keeping internet service running, I’ll have more to put into some other web sites that I can really get involved with. I hope!

Wish me luck, I’m crawling to learn to walk!