Marketing and working

Well yesterday I got all of the laminate glued down. Today I should get the edges routed. So far i have 7 1/2 hour into the counters. I did take a bike ride and true to old habits when working around strong fumes I had more than a few drinks. That’s part of the reason I did not try to route yesterday.

I also had a few thoughts about several companies that I read about or saw results from.

As I recall Nissan did not exhibit at the Detroit auto show. It seems that they have stepped up their advertising although. I have seen numerous ads on TV for their cars lately.

Styles machinery which sells advanced woodworking equipment put out a newsletter with an article saying that this a time to reconfigure, of something to that effect. It was in essence an apology for not attending the woodworking show in Vegas. And they went on to say that the would offer support to customers that wished to attend a European show.

Five hours latter I’m off to do the routing.