“they want to see what you have…”

Yesterday I had a customer drop off a sofa cushion that had a tear in it. He went on about Art Van and how they sent two people out to say it was not covered by the he warranty. Then he went on to say that he had people coming over for the holidays and then he said “they want to see what you have…”, and that line stuck with me!

So they want to see what you have? Is this what life comes down to? In one word, yes. As much as we try to forge ahead with notions that what we do matters, (to what “they” think?), it really is always in our forefront about what we have.

We tend to share what we have. We associate with people with whom we can share. And that means showing what we have.

Be it the Pistons or a perfect sofa. Be it a back up camera (on all post 2014 vehicles) or an idea about transportation.

We seek out people that we are comfortable with. “They..” are different, the same, changing or not changing, in a waiting place or forgotten. “They…” are the people we are sharing “…what you have…” with. In a word this what life comes down to “they want to see what you have…”.