Trains trains and trains

This loft space I am working in is spectacular. At least the view of the train tracks. Canadian National and Norfolk and Southern operate. There is a great deal of difference in their track upkeep and speeds.

Canadian National caries Amtrak and while it creeps at 7 to 12 miles an hour through Norfolk and Southern barrels through at 35 to 50 miles an hour.

Yes they have the upkeep that is one going. Now is it that they have yards in the area? Or are they actually improving their system? And what is keeping Canadian National from improving theirs?

Something to look into.

So I looked. There is nothing to definite. Canadian National reports that it scanned 162,000 miles of track in 2008 and it is very safety contiouse. Norfolk and Southern states that they are to be the best. They also have several grants for roadbed safety that may be making a difference. They also only have 22, 000 miles of track.

I don’t know the answer. Both companies stocks are about at the same price. But something is different. Is it an attitude or funds. Or maybe both.