I live on the fringe of what others do. So I think. The only political ad I saw much of was for Proposition 4 and maybe 6. Watching Hulu is the only TV I get. I live in the world that has smart phones on the bus, but I do not. I have a pay as I go plan that costs $15 to $30 a month Some days I just let it go off for a few. So I never got any phone calls on the election. I voted in Michigan which had six proposals and five of them wanted to change to constitution, but I don’t think that is the way to change laws. Yes I voted yet I kept my Ann Arbor address even though I live in Detroit. So some of the issues that I feel strongly about did not get my attention and the judges did not either. But I did not have to endure the barrage of ads that a lot of you do. Thank the powers that decide!