The beginning blog, what I write about gardening, furniture and my home based business stuff

Well I’ve taken the step to start a beginning blog. As with many things I have going I may not be approaching it the same way that someone else would. It’s spring time in Michigan and although friends in Texas were planting their gardens weeks ago, around here people are just getting their plots cleaned out. Not me! I’ve been searching for a way to make some money by looking at home based businesses for the last three weeks.first year garden project

What I’ve come to conclude is that it’s time to focus on sharing and expanding on what I know, in order to make some money. Since I broke both bones just above my ankle a few years back it’s been difficult in many areas for me. As much as I like gardening it’s hard to move around like I used to.

In order to alleviate not having a garden to attend to this year, I find that I’m riding my bike a lot this spring. And considering how to regain the income I lost from teaching.Bob working on a dresser in classBob\'s finished dresser

When I responded to a job placement officer yesterday  concerning my resume, he  commented on how teaching  for ten years and not being involved in the in woodworking industry may have dashed most hopes of obtaining a job with a manufacturer. No kidding! After looking for a year and a half it is obvious that they are looking for young students schooled in the most current  software available. It’s changed a lot in the past ten years. Even the industry sponsored woodworking programs start with software and computer training that is equal or exceeds the shop floor training for the first 200 hours of a woodworking program.

I had never stayed with one job for longer than about a year at most, so for me to teach for ten was an accomplishment. I did stick it out too long. When I was asked to purchase the business five years ago I should have said NO, and started doing something else. The events in the auto industry where my students came from began to create problems within the first eighteen months of taking over. They did not get better!

It’s been about two years that I have been working on developing skills to make money on line. What an effort! Yes many times I wish that there was a way to have it handed to me if I had several thousand dollars to invest in a program. But as income disappeared that never came about. On a fluke I started selling on eBay heavily with drop ship products. After a large sales month in December and nothing in January or February, that means of a few hundred dollars a month was lost when I developed problems with my Paypal  account.Drop shipped foam chairs

Sending out resumes to an industry that has lost about 100,000 workers in the past three years has not been an easy task. Of the 100 plus resumes I have had one interview. This week I have one more interview for a job selling computers. The lack of activity got me back to working on and managed to increase my visitors to 20 to 28 per day from 4. Still a far cry from the 600 per day that I had visiting my eBay store. And no sales!

As I may have said the past three weeks I have been looking at other opportunities and managed to find a few day jobs to help pay the bills. The first program I added to my site is similar to what I have with some of my affiliates. It’s a shopping site that requires you to make a purchase each month from an affiliate store and allows others to sign up under myself. The more people I sign up that make a purchase each month the better my chances are of making some money… and theirs.

It’s not a real pretty site but Ginney Dye appears to be a sincere executive with a good team. The other program I have ventured into is a manufacturer and provider of products that everyone uses such as laundry detergent, vitamins, skin care, home medicines, nutrition and food products. The product presentation and pricing is much more agreeable than another MLM company that I had last year and had a very hard time getting myself to promote. Save yourself the trips down numerous isles in the store by emailing me about the “personal and home products”. To make sure I get your email include the “quoted” line to sean at in your subject line. I’ll let you know all about some great items that you can use as well as how you can make an additional income.Decorative Glass

And I still sell all sorts of stuff through my web site. The original goal was to have a great shopping site offering furniture and all of the other stuff of a general store. But how do people know where I am? That’s part of why I’m here. I sense that I’m not making it easy, yet more people are taking a look at the products I am offering as I make the information available on my home based business venture.

Like so many people I don’t really like to sit down and type the articles that are important to sharing what is going on in the world. My personal rant pages are only updated every three weeks or so and getting a newsletter out has seemed like a huge chore that I avoid like the plague!

Stay tuned and see me improve!