Jeremy Palmer and other stuff to look at

I’m feeling better this morning, but am not really directed to get going on doing what should be done to make some real money online. I did decide not to pick up another book to read. I read some of The Dharma Bums before going to sleep.

Yesterday I finished reading Acts of War and got some resumes out by email. Then I went out and worked on some counter tops. It’s still in the 40’s and it rained yesterday so I did not get to lay up any laminate. If it gets to 50 I’ll try to get the laminate finished.

What was on my mind yesterday and is still on my mind this morning is all of the information and offers that sit in my email boxes. I read the Linked in acceptance from an old childhood friend, my son’s homework schedules and a few other emails. I deleted a lot of the newsletters with uninteresting headlines, filed the environmental newsletters and let the offers of this and that greatest marketing info sit.

How much time do I want to spend looking at free offers for possibly outdated information being given away in order to lead me to the newest thoughts from some influential people marketing on line. A lot of the information is similar and will reinforce what I am probably seeing in my own online experiences. Then there is the fact that several of the people I get newsletters from offer the same new program.

Then there are two emails from Jeremy Palmer and his Black Ink Project that I really do want to read. After my years of selling on ebay, affiliate marketing seems like the way to promote products. Jeremy has done a good job of out lining how he makes it work. I learned a lot by going through the black ink project, and want to see what his latest views and revisions are. If you want the skinny on this, Click Here!

Another email has about forty messages from yesterday and this morning. Will I get through the 150 plus emails today. Most likely not but there are some I want to read and should respond to. The ones I like are those that don’t show up everyday or that are real short.

Moving on to things that I should get done. I should get some articles written. I started some research on cleaning about two years ago with the intent of writing an article then and still have not done it.

Lest see how I do in tomorrow’s notes.